Welcome Feng Shui into your home                                                 and change your life !

Feng Shui is for all persons wishing to improve their well-being, their personal and social relationships, their careers, their studies.


Unbalanced energies can affect people's lives :

  • stress
  • sleep disorders 
  • hyperactive children
  • school difficulties
  • relationship problems
  • anxiety
  • professional and financial difficulties


We will analyze through site visit the energy quality of the place.


Feng Shui audit range from room, apartment to villa.


our services

Feng Shui audit

what we need :

  • date of birth of all occupants
  • move-in date 
  • house or apartment floor plan ( if any)


ours services include 

  • Feng Shui recommendations
  • Recommendations for selection of appropriate  rooms for different members of the family.
  • Recommendations for interior colors and furniture arrangement.
  • Personal Feng Shui report for all occupants including auspicious directions.
  • 2 site visits
  • Free follow up for 3 months.