Assess your environment beyond appearances !

We usually choose a place according to functional and financial criteria. However, we never take into account a very important parameter : the energy  of a place.

Why do we systematically see the same type of difficulties in certain places regardless of people living in ?

Why a site successful site suddenly starts to decline ?

 Feng Shui allows to understand how the energy quality of a place and its environment impacts on our lives and endeavors.

Thanks to the observation of the surrounding elements, this 5000 years old science allows us to understand how we interact with our environment and its consequences.

You are already in your place and wish to improve your life, to be more successful, healthy and fulfilled in a harmonious environment....


You are about to start a construction project, to renovate your property...


You are looking for a new location to live or work....


Make the right choice !


Design & Feng Shui assists you to have healthy, HARMONIOUS AND SUCCESSFUL place                             FoR livING or FOR BUSINESS